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Edson Ochoa

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Edson Ochoa

About me

Description from my social media accounts:
Husband, father, hobby musician, cycling enthusiast and IT security consultant.

Current job

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I'm currently working as a Senior Consultant at mnemonic as, the largest IT Security company in the nordics, . For more information about my skills and certification, please visit my Edson@LinkedIn  linkedIn profile.


My master thesis was about user behaviour profiling, it has a somewhat amusing title and you can find it here: User and group profiling based on user process usage


I play the guitar and like to sing, which means that from time to time I record things and share it on the interwebs :) You can find some of it at youtube and soundcloud:

In 2016 I became a cycling enthusiast, and I joined the rapha #festive500 challenge. As a submission to the contest, I made a web page that tells the story and preparations: